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IVT specializes in manufacturing management, marketing, and public relations of a new generation of vaccine technologies.

IVT specializes in manufacturing management, marketing, and public relations of a new generation of vaccine technologies.

IVT is working closely with U.S. and global leaders in a dedicated effort to develop and
manufacture vaccines rapidly to combat numerous infectious diseases including Covid-
19, influenza, Ebola and others. In addition, IVT along with Hexamer scientist are also
developing and providing vaccines and therapeutics to combat certain cancers with
promising success.

IVT identifies and partners with industry leaders in peptide production to optimize vaccine manufacturing and distribution.

About IVT

Infectious Diseases

Hexamer Approach

Hexamer’s patented vaccine scaffold is made of non-biological peptides (strings of natural ammino acids), which should streamline FDA approval. It does not require extensive manufacturing clearance like traditional vaccines.

Compatible with
Wide Variety of Antigen

Attaching antigens using a conjugation approach is vital as the scaffold is compatible with a wide variety of antigen including non-linear elements from an
overall target (discontinuous, conformational), therefore this technology has a greater chance
of presenting native epitopes.

Any antigens being tested for SARS-
CoV-2 and other infectious diseases it needs to be suitable for rapid global scale


IVT will work in partnership with global leaders in cGMP peptide manufacturing to produce billions of non-biological doses within months.
Candidate vaccines can be manufactured in as little as “…7 days and are perfectly suited for
validating new targets as various infectious disease viruses mutate.


The Hexamer vaccine specifically targets the virus S-Protein, is non-GMO, aluminum free and
is well tolerated and safe, thus giving piece of mind to the public. This technology is not built
on monkey adenoviruses or Virus Like Particles or GMO recombinant technologies which may
prove unsafe.


The self-assembling vaccine is made from simple peptides and does not rely on chickens, bacteria or mammalian cells for production.

and Human Trials

Testing Hexamer's scaffold with SARS-CoV-2 targets from multiple private and government labs should result in straightforward FDA approval once efficacy is shown and will allow rapid implementation of human trials. Hexamer’s vaccine stimulates antibody production from the same areas of the corona virus upon which many monoclonal antibody therapies are based.

and Storage

Hexamer’s vaccine can be transported and stockpiled as a dry powder without special cold-chain considerations (i.e. many mRNA vaccines need -112F storage and have a short shelf life).


As new viral strains emerge that are resistant to current vaccines, the self-assembling vaccine can be quickly modified to target the mutated virus.

Cancer Therapies

Neoantigen Based Cancer Therapy

Creating personalized vaccines for cancer treatments by using a modular, rapidly engineered, hapten scaffolding vaccine system.

IVT is working in partnership with leading global animal health companies
that are dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. IVT
and Hexamer discover, develop, manufacture, and commercialize a new generation of
cutting-edge vaccines. IVT strives to support the veterinarians all over the world who
care for animals on which we all depend on as part of our family.

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